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Freshman Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AK) is 

asking for Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to step down stating that Reid is being reckless in his efforts to shut down the federal government.

So far, 85 House Republicans have signed a letter to Harry Reid asking him to resign as Senate Majority Leader. Reid has been publicly blaming the TEA Party members of Republicans for the stalemate on the budget. This budget should have been passed six months ago. Democrats have REFUSED to submit a budget and REFUSE to negotiate any substantial cuts on spending. As an example on the ridiculous things Reid supports, do you remember “The Cowboy Poets“?

The letter written by Rep. Crawford:

Mr. Reid,

Many of us wrote last week pleading with you to bring a long-term continuing resolution before the full Senate that would fund government operations for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011. We hand delivered the letter the 39th day after the House passed HR-1, its version of the FY 2011 yearlong continuing resolution that adhered to the calls of the American people pleading for reasonable, responsible spending cuts.

Unfortunately, another six days have passed and your refusal to pass a bill means our Nation has moved one step closer to a government shutdown. Mr. Reid, your lack of action and absence of leadership is irresponsible. It has now been 45 days since the House of Representatives passed a bill that reduces the massive $1.4 trillion deficit for FY 2011 by a modest $61 billion.

Where is your bill, Mr. Reid?

We urge you to reconsider your reckless, partisan strategy of shutting down the government. If you will pass a bill, the House and Senate can meet in conference to reconcile any differences and then forward the final bill to President Obama.

The American people deserve responsive leadership from those who are elected to higher office. Unfortunately, you have failed on numerous counts. Under your stewardship, the Senate failed to pass a budget resolution last year, something that hasn’t happened since the current budget process was established in 1974. Mr. Reid, you also failed to pass one single appropriations bill to fund even a single federal agency, but yet you somehow muster the nerve to say Republicans are the problem. The ball is in your court to pass a long-term spending resolution for the remainder of FY 2011 that can be reconciled with the H.R. 1. With all due respect, if you do not plan to fulfill your responsibilities as Senate Majority Leader, perhaps it is time to step aside.

Mr. Reid, it is time to stop denying the dire straits of our nation’s fiscal health. It is time to pass a bill.

Bound together and determined,

In light of the fact that the Democrats in Washington have shirked their duty to our country by refusing to be accountable for their irresponsible spending, they keep blaming everyone except themselves. So when federal employees around the country find themselves without a paycheck when the government shuts down, they can all go ask Harry Reid to support them. Reid should have never been re-elected to begin with.


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The Physicians Foundation today released the results of a national survey of physicians that finds strong negative feelings towards the new health care reform law and fear that patient care will suffer in the months and years ahead. The survey was intended to gauge physicians’ initial reaction to the passage of health reform and to learn the ways in which they plan to respond to it.


The research, conducted by Merritt Hawkins, a national physician search and consulting firm, on behalf of the Foundation, comes on the two-year anniversary of the Foundation’s first national physician survey that found growing dissatisfaction among doctors as they struggle with less time for patient care and increased time dealing with non-clinical paperwork, difficulty receiving reimbursement and burdensome government regulations. The new research reinforces those findings and shows that the new health care reform could intensify existing problems for doctors and worsen the shortage of primary care doctors, making it more difficult for patients to access quality care.


“Physicians support reform; in fact, we were the ones leading the fight against the status quo. But this new research shows that doctors strongly believe the law is not working like it needs to – for them, or for their patients,” said Lou Goodman, PhD, President. “For any health care reform effort to be successful, it must include the viewpoint of our nation’s doctors. Their perspective from the front-lines of patient care is critical in determining what’s broken in our system and how we can fix it.”


Notably, physicians also felt that Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate formula (SGR) had an equally large impact on their practices as health care reform. Proposed cuts have been repeatedly put off by Congress and in January will reach approximately 30% if not addressed. “Despite the high profile nature of the health reform discussion, physicians are equally concerned over the impact of SGR on their practices,” said Walker Ray, MD, Research Committee Chair. “The fact that SGR was not addressed as part of this year’s reform effort shows that we don’t have a comprehensive solution yet, and also that doctors simply didn’t have a voice at the table during the reform debate. That needs to change.”


Key research findings include:


• The majority of physicians (60%) said health reform will compel them to close or significantly restrict their practices to certain categories of patients. Of these, 93% said they will be forced to close or significantly restrict their practices to Medicaid patients, while 87% said they would be forced to close or significantly restrict their practices to Medicare patients.

• 40% of physicians said they would drop out of patient care in the next one to three years, either by retiring, seeking a non-clinical job within healthcare, or by seeking a non-healthcare related job.

• The majority of physicians (59%) said health reform will cause them to spend less time with patients.

• While over half of physicians said health reform will cause patient volumes in their practices to increase, 69% said they no longer have the time or resources to see additional patients in their practices while still maintaining quality of care.

• 67% of physicians said their initial reaction to passage of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was either “somewhat negative” or “very negative” and a great majority (86%) believes the viewpoint of physicians was not adequately represented to policy makers during the run-up to passage of the law.

• Physicians are almost evenly divided over the relative importance of SGR (36%) and health reform (34%) to their practices, while 30% are unsure which will have the greatest impact.


The full research report is available as part of “Health Reform and the Decline of Physician Private Practice,” an expert analysis of the potential effects of reform on physician practices.

The report is available here: http://www.physiciansfoundation.org/


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Here we go again. Harry Reid should have been tossed out on his ear when he said that Washington “STINKS” every summer during tourist season. What a commendable quality in a U.S. representative to vocalize that WE THE PEOPLE smell.

More enticements from Washington to the illegals of Mexico to come to our country. It’s called the Dream Act. Reid is proposing to attach the Dream Act to the Defense Bill. He wants to reward illegals for bringing their children here… illegally. They must have been here before they were 16 years old and been here for 5 years. They must join the military and complete 2 years of college.

All he Dream Act does is allow a back door way around amnesty. Not to mention the economic burden put on a state to fund these illegal children through 2 years of college. Lets not forget the state burden of welfare all along that have been taking care of them to begin with.

Reid needs to understand that the American people do NOT want illegals here at all. Reid fails in his proposal because he (and the rest of the Democratic congress) seem to have this consensus that they are doing the country a favor. What they are doing is ILLEGAL. There are rules set forth in our country pertaining to legal citizenship. Rules are in place for a reason. They make it seem like these people have rights. THEY DO NOT. No person here in the United States illegally has any damn rights to anything in our country. What they do have the right to do is come here legally. No one is denying them the American dream to pursue happiness, just come to our country legally.

When is the left going to realize that the Democratic Party does NOT give a shit about these people? When are they going to realize that the only thing they care about is the populace of voters? When are they going to realize that calling people who oppose immigration amnesty of ANY form are not neurotic, anti-American, or bigoted. What we believe in is ‘Rule of Law’. When are they going to get their heads out of the sand and rediscover the TRUTH?!!

The truth of the matter is that the Democratic Party is the party of TREASON. It is the Party of LIES. It is the Party of SOCIALISM!!!! As said by Norman Thomas (6 time socialist candidate for U.S. president), “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ’liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing what happened. I no longer need to run for presidency since the Democratic Party has adopted our platform”.  The Democrats have been the BIGGEST proponents AGAINST civil liberties in our country for over two hundred years!

Democrats have this notion of an ideal society brought about by the hand of a benevolent, enlightened government., when in all reality…. it’s socialism. Every time socialism is entertained in other countries, it fails miserably. History has taught us this. Why in God’s good name do these people still believe in it? Do they not see how the socialist programs already installed by our government have already deteriorated?

In all honesty though, let Senator Reid sink himself with this proposed Bill. GOP front-runner Sharon Angle already has a lead on him. I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal, but Angle has a 13% lead on him. This proposal will make him look even worse in the eyes of America who support AZ’s SB1070 and who do not support amnesty.

It’s representatives like Reid who refer to “We” as themselves instead of “We” as in “WE THE PEOPLE” are the ones who NEED to be voted out of office. The Dream Act is just a desperate last minute attempt to make himself appear like he gives a shit when in all honesty… WE THE PEOPLE know better.

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Ok, the sneaky move made by Obama in appointing Donald Berwick as the head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services may have well have sealed people’s fate. Obama disregarded the legislative process AGAIN and made the extremism of big government health care a frightening reality. Obama sidestepped the Constitution (AGAIN) to get Berwick in. No questions were asked of this person from the Senate. Senate confirmation of presidential appointees is an essential process provided by our Constitution. This sneaky act by the Conman-In-Chief, by AVOIDING the Senate, thinks he will bypass public scrutiny. Not a single Senate hearing was convened, no one was given a chance to refute this man. Once again… Obama thinks we’re stupid.

With Berwick at the head of these departments brings the realization of “death panels” into a whole new light. Berwick believes in the British National Health Care Service. He wants to “model” our healthcare system after it. The British NHCS rations health care. Berwick has said, “The decision is not whether we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.” The definition of this “rationing” is GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED. Instead of doctors and patients deciding your health, it will be the government. (HA! And you thought insurance companies were bad?)

In Britain, they measure your “quality adjusted life years”. Basically your life is worth about $45,000 according to their estimates. Berwick has publicly said he LOVES this idea. He said, “You use a nation as the scale and taxation as the funding”.

Now thanks to Obama, we have ANOTHER radical screwball SHOVED into a position he has no business being in. Crucial decisions regarding OUR health care will be in the hands of this man. Hold on tight people, we’re losing more control of our life liberties here.

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This is in New York City on Madison Avenue. Not in the Middle East, Europe, Yemen, or Kenya.

These are exact pictures of every Friday afternoon in several locations throughout NYC where there are mosques with a large number of Muslims that cannot fit into the mosque. They fill the surrounding streets, facing east for a couple of hours between about 2 & 4 p.m.  Besides this one at 42nd St & Madison Ave, there is another, even larger group, at 94th St & 3rd Ave, etc., etc.

 They are claiming America for Allah. If we don’t wake up soon, we are going to “politically correct” ourselves right out of our own country!

 A Christian Nation cannot put up a Christmas scene of the baby Jesus in a public place, but the Muslims can stop normal traffic every Friday afternoon by worshiping in the streets. Something is happening in America that is reminiscent of what is happening in Europe. This is Political Correctness gone crazy.

 Also, I presume, you are aware of the dispute over building another “high-rise” Mosque a few blocks from “ground zero”. Why, when they have one four blocks away. Why? Because they want one closer to the site of their victory at the World Trade Tower TERRORIST ATTACK where Radical Islam ***MURDERED*** thousands of unsuspecting New Yorker’s.

 With regard to the builder, the “Imam” refuses to disclose where the $110 million dollars to build it is coming from and there is a lawsuit filed to force disclosure of that information. The “Imam” and his wife ‘Daisy’ have ties to Hamas and to CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations). In 2007, CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator by the DOJ for funding TERRORISTS. Imam Rauf is NOT the person he projects to Americans. He is a LIAR and a Radical Islamist himself.

 Wake up America. Wake up and shake off the ‘political correctness’. Wake up and realize this is NOT about ‘religious freedom’. It is about keeping America free from the Islāmic take-over.

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