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Last May Obama announced that he would limit new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Obama KNEW his offshore drilling moratorium would cost at least 23,000 jobs but went ahead with it anyway. After all, what’s another 23,000 jobs when you have lost several million already?

Last June, it was reported the Obama administration FALSIFIED THE REPORT to support their drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico.

But this didn’t stop the Obama Administration. These radical leftists still have not lifted their deepwater-drilling moratorium. This week a federal judge ruled the Obama Administration was in contempt for continuing the JOB-KILLING stunt.

Bloomberg reported:

The Obama Administration acted in contempt by continuing its deepwater-drilling moratorium after the policy was struck down, a New Orleans judge ruled.

Interior Department regulators acted with “determined disregard” by lifting and re-instituting a series of policy changes that restricted offshore drilling, following the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, U.S. District Judge, Martin Feldman of New Orleans ruled yesterday.

“Each step the government took following the court’s imposition of a preliminary injunction showcases its defiance,” Feldman said in the ruling.

“Such dismissive conduct, viewed in tandem with the re-imposition of a second blanket and substantively identical moratorium, and in light of the national importance of this case, provide this court with clear and convincing evidence of the government’s contempt,” Feldman said.

A Gulf small business owner reacted to this ruling today.

“Judge Feldman tried to overturn the moratorium back in June, before this policy created the desperate economic circumstances we now face. The Obama Administration would’ve saved us a lot of trouble if they’d listened to his legal decision back then and avoided eliminating thousands of jobs and millions in earnings.”

I guess we can all agree here that Obama and the liberal Democrats in Washington do *NOT* care about creating jobs!!! More like they are more than happy to dispose of more jobs… unless it’s a union or government job.



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This came to me in an e-mail and I wanted t share. It is from Bill Wilson of the dailyjot.com

The State of the Union message may well have been an example of a classic communist brainwashing by applying a technique called ideological subversion. The first step is demoralization by confusing the facts to the point that one does not care to follow the truth. Second step is destabilization by actions counter to common sense. Third step is creating a crisis in which to apply certain policies and ideals. Fourth step is normalization, where people refuse to accept fact, logic or reason when it is presented to them–in other words, they accept the manifesto before them. Ideological subversion is designed to make people come to no sensible conclusions to defend themselves or their country.

Demoralization. The president said in his State of the Union address: “With their votes, they’ve determined that governing will now be a shared responsibility between parties… We will move forward together, or not at all…” In reality, the 2010 election was a total rejection of the socialist-trending policies of big government, not a mandate of sharing in these policies. Then he threatened moving forward with the president’s agenda–or not at all. He said the Soviet Union beat us, but that the space program resulted in this generation’s “Sputnik” moment. He said America had fallen behind China and India, and to sustain the American dream, we must “sacrifice, and struggle, and meet the demands of a new age.”

Destabilization. Throughout the message, the president talked of new expensive programs while at the same time saying the budget must be cut–these are opposite actions that belie common sense. Again, he said that Russia, Europe and China were moving ahead of our nation in infrastructure and that we must rebuild America in order to prosper. And he continued in class warfare by saying that the richest Americans should pay for bigger government.

Crisis. He continued to use financial crisis to forward the concept of big government, more taxes (as couched with the word “invest”), more government intervention rather than relying on “the whims of the stock market.”

Normalization. He spoke proudly of welcoming homosexuals to the military, integrating illegal aliens into American society, and big government programs as forged by “principled compromise.” These are all smooth words, but they are promoting a rebellion against the laws of God. They are bringing the masses into a mental state where good is evil and evil is good. Isaiah 30 begins with “Woe to the rebellious children, says the LORD…” And verse 10 says, “Which say to the seers, see not; and to the prophets, prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits.” We must repent from our trust in oppression and perverseness and hold these leaders and one another accountable lest we perish.

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WE THE PEOPLE are still *NOT* being listened to. The majority of WE THE PEOPLE do *NOT* want this “international” nation this administration KEEPS pushing. WE ARE THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! We are a republic with sovereign states that do NOT want outside entities dictating our policies. How many times does Obama have to throw *OUR* country ‘under the bus’ before the politically correct LEFT gets it? How many times does Obama and his administration have to APOLOGIZE to foreign countries for America? How many times do WE THE PEOPLE have to be stepped on and ignored before the people who voted for this progressive government understand that tyranny is *NOT* the answer?

President Obama unabashedly claims that he can not wear his birth certificate on his head yet proudly wears his socialism on his arm. He allows the injustice of the D.O.J. to *NOT* prosecute blatant voter intimidation, allows them to *NOT* prosecute the people responsible for the bombing of the USS COLE, but he *DOES* allow Eric Holder to drag the sovereign state of Arizona into court for defending themselves against an INVASION FROM MEXICO! Then has the audacity to send a twenty-nine page report to the U.N. claiming human rights violations against the same sovereign state. SINCE WHEN IS IT CHINA’S, AFGANISTAN’S, OR GERMANY’S (some of the countries represented in the U.N.) BUSINESS WHAT GOES ON IN ONE OF *OUR* SOVEREIGN STATES? Is China going to drop troops into our country to restore order in Arizona? HA! Maybe China will see that our borders need to be secured and do what our own federal government *REFUSES* to do.  

This same “report” to the U.N. says, “As a general matter, the government does not punish or penalize those who peacefully express their views in the public sphere, even when those views are critical of the government. Indeed, dissent is a valuable and valued part of our politics.” Really now? Than why the HELL does our government *NOT* pay attention to the over 60% of AMERICANS who support the SB1070? Why does our government support boycotts of Arizona? Why did our government condemn the Arizona legislation without READING IT FIRST? Why did our government ALLOW a foreign president (from Mexico, no less) to stand on OUR congressional floor and demonize the sovereign states LAWS? Then…. clap for him?

On Monday, the D.O.J. filed suit against the Phoenix area community colleges  because they imposed strict citizenship screening of potential employees. Since when is this against the law in AMERICA? According to the United States governments ‘Employers Handbook – Instructions for Completing Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form)’ http://www.uscis.gov/files/nativedocuments/m-274.pdf , it says, “Employment is often the magnet that attracts individuals to reside in the United States illegally. The purpose of the employers sanctions law is to remove this magnet by requiring employers to hire only individuals who may legally work here: citizens and naturals of the United States, lawful permanent residents, and aliens authorized to work. To comply with the law, you must verify the identity and the employment authorization of each person you hire, complete the I-9 form for each employee, and refrain from discrimination against individuals on the basis of natural origins or citizenship”. So, I guess Eric Holder and the D.O.J. do not think this applies to Phoenix? Is it not the colleges RESPONSIBILITY to check (and be absolutely sure) of the citizen status of its employees?

When, I ask you, did the government decide to IGNORE ‘Rule of Law’ and IGNORE the will of WE THE PEOPLE? I know it did not start with the Obama administration, however. Obama and his administration are the worst administration in the history of our nation that does indeed IGNORE the will of its people.

Written by: Lori DeMaille

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Ok, the sneaky move made by Obama in appointing Donald Berwick as the head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services may have well have sealed people’s fate. Obama disregarded the legislative process AGAIN and made the extremism of big government health care a frightening reality. Obama sidestepped the Constitution (AGAIN) to get Berwick in. No questions were asked of this person from the Senate. Senate confirmation of presidential appointees is an essential process provided by our Constitution. This sneaky act by the Conman-In-Chief, by AVOIDING the Senate, thinks he will bypass public scrutiny. Not a single Senate hearing was convened, no one was given a chance to refute this man. Once again… Obama thinks we’re stupid.

With Berwick at the head of these departments brings the realization of “death panels” into a whole new light. Berwick believes in the British National Health Care Service. He wants to “model” our healthcare system after it. The British NHCS rations health care. Berwick has said, “The decision is not whether we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.” The definition of this “rationing” is GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED. Instead of doctors and patients deciding your health, it will be the government. (HA! And you thought insurance companies were bad?)

In Britain, they measure your “quality adjusted life years”. Basically your life is worth about $45,000 according to their estimates. Berwick has publicly said he LOVES this idea. He said, “You use a nation as the scale and taxation as the funding”.

Now thanks to Obama, we have ANOTHER radical screwball SHOVED into a position he has no business being in. Crucial decisions regarding OUR health care will be in the hands of this man. Hold on tight people, we’re losing more control of our life liberties here.

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